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Oliver Jenkins
Green Phone Web Design

I am surprised at how fast I have come to learn Chinese. They made learning very enjoyable and it definately met my every expectation. My time spent at the center was definately worth it and the great team of tutors at the center made it very easy for me. It is indeed a "small China". Give them a try and you won't regret. 

Freddie Herbert
Stormy Banana Films

I have always been a business traveller and my frequent assignments to China meant that I had to do with more than English. I don't know whether I am a fast learner, but Chinese suddenly felt very easy and enjoyable to learn. Now I am fully equipped and I will be taking my daughter there to learn Chinese. Thanks a lot!  

Jade Thomson
Silly Turtle Marketing

They made me feel at home. The classes were very interactive and informative and before I knew it, I was already a fluent Chinese speaker. I can confidently say that I have mastered the language, all thanks to Education in Speaking Chinese. They have great teachers and are worth every and time I spent. Highly recommended.    

Why learn Chinese?


With the emergence of China as a global economic powerhouse, it has increasingly become necessary that people all over the word incorporate Chinese as part of their language skills. In addition, China's 1.2 billion-strong population means that Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This new development has led to an exponential increase in the number of people interested in learning Chinese for one reason or the other and with that there has also been a steady increase in the number of institutions offering Chinese. However, like any other market, the languages market is also a potentially intoxicated market and you have to ensure that whoever you have entrusted with the responsibility of teaching you Chinese is accredited, competent and whose results are worth your time and money. One of the areas which have emerged with a high demand has been the translation market. The Chinese are not only economically poweful but their huge population means that China is definitely a market worth venturing into. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to offer you the best Chinese translation services that will ensure that you venture into the Chinese business confidently and blend in seamlessly.

Where do we come in?

One of our greatest selling points is the fact that our team of professionals have been equipped with skills that ensure that they are not only very fluent in speaking and writing Chinese, but are also very conversant with Chinese culture and traditions. This ultimately plays a big role in promoting language development and ensuring that communication is effective. We may be located away from China, but we certainly have created a "small China" here at home. Our translation services are not only geared for business communication but also for learning more about the great nation of China and its people.

Why you should choose us

We offer very competitive rates in great packages ranging from introductory packages to more detailed packages. We believe that learning should be an enjoyable and fullfiling experience and thats why our syllabus coverage is designed in a manner that makes learning hassle-free and makes it feel like any other form of social interaction. Learning Chinese can either be very difficult and costly or very easy and affordable. We have chosen to go with the latter. We will teach you from scratch; introduce you to basic Chinese syllables and characters, pronunciation and speech. We know how much of a sacrifice it can be to offer to learn a foreign language and that's why we have come up with a team of competent personalities whose experience, skills and dedication to work will ensure that you get to learn the language as easily as possible and within the shortest time possible. Within a matter of a few weeks, we will ensure that you are good enough to get it done in Chinese. We have a proven record of producing competent Chinese speakers who are just as fluent as the natives themselves and who have gone to become professionals in Chinese language. We believe that if human beings have gone as far as developing computer languages,then no barrier whatsoever can stand between us and educating humans about a language spoken by their fellow human beings.

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